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raw TALENT pro

Are you a licensed beauty professional who wants a plan for a successful career?

Experience is what you will gain by joining Rituals 32-week rawtalent Training/Apprenticeship program. Rituals provides great professional salon experience under the expert mentorship of the Aveda Rituals' team. Experience the challenge of building a new clientele and gaining valuable "success skills" in hair cutting, styling, and hair coloring in a fun, nurturing and supportive salon-training environment. We invite motivated ad energetic graduates and new salon professionals to join our team and expand your professional experience. Service a variety of clients who want quality beauty services at a great price.

Fine-tune your business knowledge and technical skills. Develop success habits that will last your entire professional lifetime. The rawtalent training program at Rituals will focus on the attitude, communication skills, service and technical skills needed to create a successful career. This is an intense 32-week apprenticeship covering all aspects of hair dressing, cutting, styling, coloring as well as the communication skills. Our trainers, mentors and coaches supervise all of their work. Our goal is to provide any Aveda network salons with well trained, proficient and professional hairdressers

At the completion of your 32-week rawtalent training program we will discuss your long-term career goals and make plans for the future. Our training program will change your life! All you need to do is commit and focus your attention on growing your skills and knowledge.

Long-term prosperity is our goal for you. We look for a very few special people who are committed to being the best they can be. If you are motivated, focused, fashion forward, services-oriented, and committed to learning, Rituals could be your new professional home. We commit to growing and providing financial opportunities for those who want to prosper. Rituals' Aveda team is constantly learning, growing, and prospering together. Start a new career journey with Rituals.

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